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The role of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Driving Traffic and Leads to Your Website

role of seo in driving traffic and leads

Role of SEO in 2023

Are you worried about your brand’s digital appearance fading day by day? This must be because you need to follow different tools and techniques properly. Is it right? No need to worry. We guessed your problem, and we will decode the secret for the successful appearance of your business on all digital media platforms, and that secret is the role of SEO.

One should follow SEO for leads and traffic. SEO is a concise and most used term in digital marketing. But in-depth role of SEO is a deep ocean into which you must dive, whether for organic or paid traffic.

Organic Traffic: The traffic on your website, Ads, and post using different techniques without paying.

Paid Traffic: The traffic driven to your website, Ads, or post that costs you money is paid traffic.

SEO is necessary in both cases.

Let’s discuss all tools and techniques needed to learn SEO for leads and traffic.

Types Of SEO for Leads and Traffic

There are two types of SEO

  • On page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO includes all the tools in your control to manage SEO, e.g. Metatags, Meta descriptions, Headers, internal links, HTML etc.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO includes all the techniques you use to improve your site and Ad ranking, for example, content, blogs, images, videos, podcasts, outbound links etc.

Essential Components of SEO For Leads and Traffic

Some crucial components of SEO that Crawlers of every social media platform consider to rank your website or Ad are general. Let’s discuss some important points in detail from both types of SEO

Keywords Researching

Keywords are crucial for ranking. You can optimize global traffic if you use obvious keywords. While doing On-page SEO ( Meta tags, Title, Meta descriptions, image alt text) or Off-page SEO (Content, blogs, Videos), you need to use the right keywords.

Different tools, e.g. Ubersuggest, Moz, and Ahrefs, are used to find the keywords related to your topic. All these tools have the option to search keywords for organic and paid traffic as well.

If you are searching for organic traffic, always go with a keyword with KD ( keyword difficulty) less than 40 and a volume above 1000.

People search in different ways, e.g. if someone wants to know about role of SEO, he will either type SEO only or What is SEO? Bots match your keywords with user’s queries to rank you at the top. So, use all types of keywords, e.g. short, long-phrase, and LSI, to captivate traffic.

Content Quality

Maintain and upgrade your content regularly for ranking. Try to learn new techniques and follow them. Write informational blogs, podcasts, and awareness video campaigns about your product so that bots consider you for maintaining good SEO.

User Experience

User experience directly relates to your Keyword search and your content. If you have searched good keywords for people to search mostly and uploaded content( blogs, videos) which have answers to the user query, then they will spend more time on your website, post or Video. This is a green signal for your ranking.

Mobile Friendly

According to research, 70 per cent of people use social media on their mobiles. So it has become an essential part of SEO that posts mobile-friendly content.

Suppose you have proper keyword research and uploaded genuine content ranked on the first page of Google. The user clicked on the link, but it took too much time, so the user clicked back and opened another website for his query. The bots calculate the time the user spends on your website.

So this is a terrible signal for bots that analyze your SEO for your website.

Internal and External Links

When a user types something on the Google search engine, bots use algorithms to analyse the website’s internal and external links to know that the website is working correctly. So constantly update the content related to your domain, mention two or more internal links, and make connections with other websites too for external links. So that bots can connect all your data to the user query and rank your website’s first page. Here the question must arise in your mind how to build external links. There are two possibilities.

  • Search any other website that is looking for external links, and make a give-and-take relationship with them.
  • Guest posting is the second one. In this, some websites promote your content, and you mention the link from their website. If you have the budget, select websites of high DA(domain authority) for guest posting.

Use all Social Media Platforms

This is also part of SEO for leads and traffic. Refrain from relying on just websites. Always maintain the Facebook page, Instagram page, and Tiktok account and drive your traffic from these platforms to your website by posting links to your blogs on these platforms.

Start Using Role of SEO for Leads and Traffic Right Now With “Boost Ads Agency”

It seems a very easy job when talking about SEO leads and traffic. Still, now you have enough knowledge about SEO tools and techniques, e.g. it is not a word with one specification but with considerable expertise and specifications. A person can only handle some of these technicalities. So always select an agency with multiple talented minds in different SEO fields in one place.

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