What are TikTok Ads? How To Get Best Results Out of TikTok Ads?

what are tiktok ads ? how to get best results out of tik tok ads

TikTok ads incentivize businesses to market to a potential 884.9 million people using the platform for an average of 20 hours per month. This exemplifies the power of TikTok which businesses can harness to upsurge their sales and expand brand recognition. 

what are tiktok ads

This article will delve into the understanding of TikTok’s advertising platform: TikTok Ads, alongside its intricacies to target fruitful results. This will incorporate the cost of TikTok ads, achieving the best click-through rate (CTR), and the grey area of cloaking TikTok ads.

So, let’s supercharge your marketing efforts with the secret sauce of creating compelling TikTok ads to engage the masses. 


What Are TikTok Ads?

TikTok is an enticing short video content platform that has rapidly gained popularity among younger audiences. This pivots the platform as a gateway for brands to market to their target audience with paid advertisements.
TikTok offers a variety of advertising formats to suit different marketing goals. We have summarized the most prominent types below:

⦁ In-Feed Ads: 

These are similar to traditional feed-based advertisements on other social media platforms. They appear in the user’s feed as they scroll through TikTok, blending seamlessly with organic content.

⦁ Branded Hashtag Challenges: 

Brands create unique challenges and encourage users to create content relevant to their products or services. This user-generated content incorporates a branded hashtag, amplifying brand visibility and user engagement.

⦁ TopView Ads: 

These premium ads appear on full screen when the user opens the TikTok app. 

⦁ Branded Effects & Filters: 

These ads allow users to interact with augmented reality (AR) effects or filters. The use of these effects in user-generated content helps spread your brand’s influence organically.
TikTok ads allow targeting specified demographics, age groups, genders, and interests. This ensures that your ad is seen by relevant and targeted people.

How Much Do TikTok Ads Cost?

TikTok advertisement costs can vary on several factors. The primary factors include:

Cost Per Mille (CPM)

With this pricing model, you pay for every 1,000 impressions of your ad. It is mainly used for brand awareness campaigns.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC charges you based on the number of clicks your ad’s CTA receives. This model is best suitable for performance-driven campaigns.

Furthermore, the cost of TikTok advertisement is influenced by the following variables:

Ad Format

Different ad formats fall into different price tags. In-Feed Ads, for example, tend to be more budget-friendly compared to TopView Ads, which offer prime visibility but at a higher cost.

Ad Objective

Your campaign’s goal affects costs. For instance, campaigns optimized for conversions may have different pricing metrics compared to brand awareness campaigns.

Target Audience

TikTok allows you to narrow down your audience by demographics, interests, and behaviors. The more specific your target audience, the higher the cost may be.

Ad Placement

Manual ad placements can give you more control but might require a higher bid relative to automatic placements.

Ad Schedule

The time and duration of your campaign are a determining factor of your ad costs. 

What Is a Good CTR For TikTok Ads?

What Is a Good CTR For TikTok Ads?


Click-through rate (CTR) signifies the percentage of users clicking on your ad or taking action. It reflects the effectiveness of your ads.

The ideal CTR for TikTok ads pivots on factors like industry, ad format, and campaign objectives. However, a good benchmark for TikTok ads is a CTR of 1.5% to 16%. 

Moreover, polishing and revisiting the following elements can help improve your CTR stats:


Ad Relevance: Ensure that your ad aligns with your target audience’s interests and needs.

Ad Creative: Use eye-catching visuals, compelling copy, and a clear call-to-action (CTA) to entice users to click on your ad copy.

Ad Placement: Positioning your ads in prime spots within the user’s feed tends to have higher CTRs.

Targeting: Precise targeting ensures that your ad reaches the right audience. Thus, increasing the probability of your ads achieving higher CTR.


In addition, it is crucial to do A/B testing and continuous monitoring of your ad campaigns to target good CTR. Consistent calibration and optimization of ad copy and campaigns informs what is working and what requires improvement.


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Cloaking TikTok Ads

Grey niche businesses, such as CBD, hemp, and cryptocurrency, face ad rejections on TikTok, restricting them from reaching their potential customers.

Ad cloaking is an advertising technique that tailors different content to users and ad review systems. This makes ad approval seamless for grey niche businesses. 

For instance, your grey niche TikTok ad copy is susceptible to getting rejected by TikTok’s ad approval system. However, ad cloaking will display a safe content page to the review system and the original content to the targeted audience. 

Thus, increasing your sales and brand awareness. 


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The massive user base and engaging content format of TikTok position it as a powerful platform for businesses to advertise.
In this comprehensive guide, we have explored what TikTok ads are and the various types of ad formats available. We delved into the factors that influence TikTok ad costs and discussed what constitutes a good click-through rate (CTR) for TikTok ads.
In addition, we also highlighted the significance of ad cloaking for grey niche businesses seeking to advertise on TikTok. 
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