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How Cloaking Ads Work?


1) Cloaking Ads serves as a strategy employed by media buyers to ensure that auditors, ad reviewers or bots from ad platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads do not view restricted business’ website and content. Our filters redirect them to a safe content landing page that aligns with platform policies. Meanwhile, all other end-users (Safe Ads Traffic) are directed to the restricted offer page URL after they click on the ad’s link.

2) We don’t use any kind of auto redirection to change your website links because platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Search Engines can easily catch them. Instead, our cloaker uses an updated list of Bot IPs and special filters to spot Bots and Ad Reviewers when they check our ads. If someone passes the check, they’re sent to your restricted website or the special offer page. Else, they are shown a safe and policy friendly safe page.

3) We offer complete Ads Cloaking & Ad Management Services, handling everything from backing up your ad account to running and expanding your ads to scale conversions. Our services include setting up the Cloaking System, providing free backup ad account replacements in rare case of suspension, and managing your ads. The setup fee for our cloaking services is $999, and if you choose to have us run your ads, the monthly Ads Management Fee is $1,799. Partner with us for long-lasting peace of mind without concerns about account suspensions.
Banned Ad Approval through Cloaking
Cloaking ads method

3 Simple Steps in Ads Cloaking

configuration software
  1. Customizing cloaking settings based on the client’s specifications on new URL.
cloaking ads approval on facebook

2. Getting approval for ads on any advertising platform using this new cloaked URL.

traffic filtering

3. Filtering traffic, directing approved users to the offer page, and sending the rest to a safe page.

Ads Cloaking Services For All Platforms

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Facebook Ads

google cloaking ads services

Google Ads

tiktok ads agency

TikTok Ads

Pinterest Cloaking ads

Pinterest Ads

Youtube Cloaking ads

Youtube Ads

Get Ads Approval on All Major Niches

  • Amazon, Etsy, Clickbank Affiliate Ads
  • Counterfeit Brands or Replica Ads
  • Beauty, Medical & Healthcare Ads
  • Ads for Mentors or Selling Courses etc.
  • Cryptocurrency, Financial & Forex Ads
  • Pharma, Supplements & Diffuser Ads
  • Pills & Weight Loss Products Ads
  • Mushrooms, Hemp, CBD & Kratom Ads
  • Government Services, ESTA & eVisa Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing Ads & Tracking Template
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Why Choose Boost Ad Agency For Ads Cloaking?

For more than 11 years, Boost Ad Agency has been a trusted authority in the world of media buying. Their extensive experience sets them apart, allowing businesses to benefit from a deep understanding of the digital advertising landscape. With a focus on cloaking ads, Boost Agency brings a unique proficiency to the table, ensuring that your promotional content not only captures attention but does so in a way that feels natural and nonintrusive. We are also called scaling experts and our cloaker is strong enough to filter each IP or Click coming to your website. Choose Boost Ad Agency for a decade-tested strategy that maximises the impact of your cloaked ads in a safe and long lasting manner.

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