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Boost Ad Agency has a complete solution starting from ecommerce funnel creation, marketing automation for leads, creating and testing ads, to scaling conversions. We help your business automate tasks like syncing data, managing workflows, and generating reports. Plus, we use our digital archives to test ads and find winner ads.  We have gained years of experience in testing and scaling ads by working for 1000s of clients from USA, UK, Europe & Asia.

What is Funnel Marketing ?

Funnel marketing is like having a personal assistant for your customers’ buying journey. It’s a strategy that smoothly leads potential buyers through stages—raising awareness, creating interest, building desire, and finally, inspiring action. Just like a funnel, it helps filter out those who might not be ready to buy, leaving you with a pool of interested and motivated customers.

Funnel marketing steps

Steps Involved in Funnel Marketing :

1. Awareness (Top of the Funnel):

At the beginning of the funnel, the focus is on creating awareness. This involves making potential customers aware of your brand, product, or service. Tactics which include content marketing, social media outreach, and paid advertising to cast a wide net and attract a broad audience.

2. Interest (Mid-Funnel):

Once awareness is established, the goal is to capture the interest of potential customers. This stage involves engaging with the audience through activities like email marketing, webinars, and providing valuable resources (lead magnets) to keep them interested and involved.

3. Consideration (Mid-Funnel):

In the consideration stage, potential customers are evaluating your offerings. Drip campaigns, product demos, and case studies are used to provide detailed information, answer questions, and build trust as individuals move closer to making a decision. and letting the customer changing and buying your product

4. Intent (Bottom of the Funnel):

As potential customers express intent, the focus shifts to encouraging them to take action and make a purchase. Targeted offers, personalized content, and retargeting ads are deployed to facilitate the decision-making process and convert leads into customers.

5. Purchase (Bottom of the Funnel):

The purchase stage is where the transaction happens. It involves providing a seamless and efficient buying experience. This includes a streamlined checkout process, follow-up communication (order confirmations, thank-you messages), and customer support to address any concerns.

6. Post-Purchase  (Post-Funnel):

After the purchase, the relationship-building phase begins. Marketers aim to foster long-term relationships by collecting customer feedback, implementing loyalty programs, and suggesting additional products or services through upselling and cross-selling.

Why Choose Boost Ad Agency For Your Best Marketing Automation & Funnel Agency ?

Choose Boost Ad Agency for top-notch marketing that’s super easy. We save you time by using smart tech to do repetitive tasks. Our data-driven approach makes your ads work better, and we guide customers smoothly from noticing your brand to making a purchase. We help you get more leads and give your sales team the right info to win customers. It’s not expensive, and you get a lot back for what you spend. Boost Ad Agency makes marketing simple, effective, and worth it for your business. 

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