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How Cloaking Ads Agency Can Help To Get Your Banned Ads Approved?

How Cloaking Ads Agency Can Help To Get Your Banned Ads Approved?

Do you want help getting approval for your banned ads on various social media platforms and search engines? If yes, then there is no need to tense up because an experienced cloaking ads agency can help you. We have created an in-depth guide on how a cloaking agency can get you ad approval on different platforms. 

Today, the advertising landscape is changing, and new challenges are being offered daily. One of these frustrating challenges is the disapproval of ads, which most advertisers face because of stringent platform policies and rules. However, facing banned ads or suspended accounts is the most haunted nightmare for a restricted business owner. 

Most online platforms, like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc, have stringent policies for advertisers to protect user experience on their platforms. Suppose you are a grey niche business owner, then it will be easy for you to violate these policies. Thus, the uncompliant ads are not approved and even lead to account suspension. Fortunately, there is no need to be worried because the cloaking technique can help you get over this issue. 

Finding reliable ads cloaking agency is not easy in today’s world, where everything is full of scams. However, Boost Ad Agency does not offer scams; instead, it provides value to its customers and their goals. It is a well-reputed cloaking ads agency with years of experience helping people get their ad approval on various platforms. We recommend you utilize its splendid services in order to achieve your business goals.

This article will discuss several aspects of Boost Ad Agency and how an ad cloaking service provider can help get approval for non-policy-compliant or rejected ads. First, you should know why ads are disapproved.

How is Cloaking Ads Agency Helpful To Get Approval For Banned Ads?

Boost Ad Agency is an ads cloaking agency. It utilizes the technique of cloaking to show different content to attract human viewers and ad reviewers. The technique involves showing a safe page to ad bots and search engine crawlers while a black offer page to the target audience. This may sound unethical or illegal, but when done with ethical considerations, ad cloaking becomes the best method to get approval for banned ads. 

Boost Ad Agency uses ad cloaking methods to get approval for restricted niche ads. These include crypto ads, ads related to CBD products, and weight loss products ads. With its expertly done cloaking, your ad bypasses the reviewers and search engine crawlers of Facebook, Instagram, and search engines. 

Here’s how cloaking ads agencies work;

  • Deep Understanding of Policies:

Boost Ad Agency has a deep understanding of the policies of various advertising platforms. You can rely on them because they continuously check for new policies to ensure that your ad campaign is compliant with them. Furthermore, it has a good understanding of how the review process works. Therefore, it designs the best cloaking setup for your ad to deceive ad bots and search engine crawlers. 

  • Ad Optimization:

Ad cloaking agencies analyze your ad campaign deeply to find the causes of its disapproval. Furthermore, they optimize your content to align with the rules of different advertising platforms. Boost Ad Agency creates compelling and engaging ad campaigns for your business to comply with policies and convey the best message to the audience at the same time. 

  • Keep Track of Performace:

Cloaking agency not only gets you ad approval but also ensures that your ad’s performance is maintained. It monitors the ad’s performance using key metrics like click-through rates and views. Similarly, it utilizes different strategies for your ad campaign to get the most out of it. 

  • Creates Custome Safe Page:

Ads cloaking agencies thoroughly review the services and products offered by your website. Then, they create a customized safe page to show to ad bots, review systems, and search engine crawlers. This ensures that your ad campaign runs smoothly on social media platforms. 

  • SEO Audit:

Boost Ad Agency also performs SEO audits for your business’s ad campaign. An SEO audit helps select the right keywords and target the right audience for an ad. the 

  • Tests The Cloaking Setup:

Boost Ad Agency tests the cloaking setup of your ad campaign to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience. It also checks the bot offer page and safe page to ensure that the right content is ready for appropriate audiences. 

Cloaking Ads Agency
Cloaking Ads Agency

Reason Why Your Ads Get Banned

Here are some common reasons that most business owners face when trying to run an ad online.

Violation of Rules:

Most advertising platforms do not allow ads of restricted or prohibited products on their platforms. This is because they don’t want to promote products like drugs, ammunition, replicas, counterfeit items, etc. When a platform finds an ad that tends to encourage any of the prohibited content, it simply bans it to maintain a safe environment for its users.

Furthermore, adverts that make false claims and offer fraudulent offers are removed from advertising platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Google, to safeguard the audience from potential harm. 

Misguiding Information:

Advertising platforms also don’t appreciate advertisements that offer unrealistic and exaggerated claims and promises. If a user buys the product or gets the service, they will feel dissatisfied, which can lead to the platform’s bad reputation. Therefore, advertising platforms disapprove of or ban such ads which are not actually promising.

Restricted Content:

Advertising platforms are very strict about the use of offensive or harmful images, videos, language, or themes in ads. Google, Facebook, and YouTube discourage ad campaigns that consist of harmful or explicit content to maintain a healthy and positive ambiance for their user base. 

Additionally, you cannot use graphic content that promotes violence in your ads. This is because it can lead users to distress. Therefore, advertising platforms remove such ads. 

Copyright Issues:

When you accidentally use other content in your ads, it causes copyright issues. Using anyone’s content, such as images, text, or video, without their consent is not allowed on advertising platforms. These platforms have strict policies to prevent unauthorized use of third-party content. Therefore, it causes disapproval of the ad or suspension of your account. Moreover, suppose your ad is rich in text, and the text has plagiarism from other sources. In that case, you will also face the problem of ad disapproval. 

Cloaking Ads get approved
Cloaking Ads get approved

Can I use Free Cloaking Tools To Get Ad Approval?

Yes, you can use a free cloaking tool to get approval on banned ads. Here is a list of the tools.

  • Keitaro
  • LinkTrackr
  • hoax. tech
  • Palladium
  • MagicChecker
  • FairLab
  • Binom
  • TrafficArmor

However, we don’t suggest using free tools. While free tools might feel convenient and budget-friendly, they offer a different service than a professional ad cloaking agency. Our recommendation is to utilize the service of Boost Ad Agency because it is reputable and well-experienced. 


Running advertisements for restricted products or services takes work. However, a cloaking ads agency can help you get approval for your banner ads. It utilizes cloaking techniques and can help you reach potential customers without being caught by the ad review system. 

Boost Ad Agency is the ideal option for deceiving various advertising platforms’ ad review processes. For more information, contact us or visit our website,

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