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Why SEO is important in Online Marketing

This image shows importance of SEO

Have you ever noticed that if you want to purchase a product online, you see the Ad for that product on all your social media platforms? This is the magic of SEO( Search engine Optimization).

It does not mean that SEO is the reading of your mind. When you want to purchase a product and search for it on Google, based on your recent searches and interests history, the ads for the same products are thrown in the feeds of different social media platforms. This is the knowledge of SEO. SEO helps in every aspect of online marketing.

Let’s explain how different social media platforms use SEO for online marketing.


Facebook and Instagram SEO

Facebook is the most used platform, with millions of users. SEO enables us to throw the AD in those hundreds of people among these millions of users interested in our product. We can make Facebook SEO better by applying the following tips.

  • When creating a Facebook page then, a URL generates. Always edit this URL and set it to the name of your brand.
  • When maintaining information on Facebook pages, carefully enter the About” section. Try to write a detailed description of your page that users can easily understand.
  • Always use Keywords related to your business in your description, About, Headline, Images, videos, and post captions.
  • Always try to mention back links in your post. For this purpose, you can mention your website links or collaborate with other brands.
  • Enter the correct contact information and address.
  • While running the Ad campaign then, add a call to action button. You can enter the “Shop Now” button for a clothing brand and land the audience on your website.
  • Try to respond to customer queries immediately and set an auto generated message so that users know this is an active page.


TikTok and SEO

TikTok has users globally from different age groups, so it is the best platform to advertise any brand. But here, SEO plays a critical role. Proper SEO strategies help to generate more revenue than your advertisement budget. A few prime tips for SEO TikTok are under

  • Always know your audience’s interests and queries. For example, if you are an advertising agency, make informational videos on How to increase sales, like a topic to grab your user’s attention.
  • Always add keywords in your video explanation.
  • Try to make videos on trending hashtags.
  • Keep a track record of all previous videos and their impressions. So that you can analyze which type of content is generating more leads for you on TikTok online marketing.


 Google and SEO

It is a common practice that every person prefers to search on Google for any query, so ranking on Google is very tough. You have to compete with many competitors. So understanding Google SEO is very important for your business.

  • If you are new, search for low, competitive keywords and add keywords in your meta tags, title, and content according to the Google ranking strategies.
  • Always add a keyword or alt keywords in the caption of the picture you use in your content.
  • Maintain internal links and external links with different brands.
  • Update content regularly.
  • For business websites, update your online stores twice a month.
  • Never use banned keywords.


Newsletter and SEO

Email newsletters generate many new customers for the brands. But writing a newsletter is a talent, and using SEO can make it a golden piece to reach the potential customer.

  • Generate your email lists based on previous experience.
  • Use keywords in the content of the email
  • Write the email’s subject with a proper and captivating caption that compels the user to click on the email.
  • Use specific content to convey your message.

Youtube And SEO

Youtube is also another primary mode for online marketing. The standard tips for Youtube SEO are the same as other platforms.

  • The channel name should be unique, and the description should match the channel’s purpose. It proves a great help to bring relative users to the videos.
  • Try to make short videos.
  • If you make a video in any language, put subtitles in English.
  • Use keywords in Video descriptions.
  • Put an attractive thumbnail to grab the user’s attention.


SEO Tools

Many SEO tools are available online that can help you to search keywords and back links and analyze the content. Some essential tools are as under

  • Ubbersuggest
  • Ahrefs
  • Answer the public
  • Seed keywords
  • Screaming frog SEO spider
  • Seobility
  • Exploding topics
  • Yoast SEO
  • Reddit keyword search tool
  • Rank math
  • Semrush


Long story short, SEO is the backbone of online marketing. Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, or TikTok for your marketing, you need to apply SEO terms to catch your desired customers’ attention. So always keep an eagle eye on your SEO techniques.

Above mentioned tools are used in many fields, but they still need a human touch-up for finalization. One better option is to hire an expert agency for all these tasks. Many agencies are working that claim to provide you with SEO Ad campaigns. “Boost Ads” is one of them, which has been working for years and has excellent exposure for online marketing.


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