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How Social Media is Used as Marketing Tool

social media as marketing tool

Social media with 4 billion active users, has become a popular platform for marketing your business. Initially, people joined different social media platforms to connect with friends and family, but over time scrolling social platforms, e.g. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) has become a source of entertainment. People started using social media in their free time, and eventually, it became a habit. Observing these changes, brands and business owners began their official accounts on these platforms to promote their businesses.

This article will tell you how to use social media as marketing tool for your business.

There are two types of choices for you when using social media as marketing tool

  • Organic advertisement
  • Paid advertisement

Organic Social Media as marketing tool

The process in which you use different rules and regulations of social media platforms that are necessary to rank and get reach your desired customers without spending a penny. Organic conversions are based on your strategies.

Some essential tips for organic reach and conversions are as under

  • you need to follow the trends and your competitors.
  • Always look at your competitor and observe their content deeply.
  • Try to figure out from which platform you are getting more audience, e.g., from Newsletter, Youtube, Google Ads, Instagram, etc.
  • Use free SEO tools to get less competitive Keywords with high volume and publish optimized content.
  • Post regularly on your accounts and try to answer all customer queries.
  • Always open your review section because it makes a good impression, and people follow reviews of previous clients.

Paid Social Media as Marketing Tool

Paid marketing is the easiest way to increase conversions as it appears in the search engine results, so there is more chance that a potential customer will visit your website. Paid marketing can generate leads and conversions only if you appropriately target the audience.

Some general tips for paid marketing are as under

  • If you are doing paid marketing for the first time, then always start with a small campaign and analyze which captions trigger people to click on the link.
  • Run 2 or 3 campaigns simultaneously and figure out which provides more desired results.

If a customer visits a product but leaves without purchasing, then note it down and target them in paid marketing with some deals and discounts.

  • Join other pages and online groups wisely. For example, if you are selling a kitchen product, there are many specific groups for cooking on different social media platforms. Join them to know your potential customers demand.
  • Sign contracts with top-rated influencers with more followers to promote your products.

Benefits Of Paid Social Media as Marketing Tool

Desired Result In Less Time

The most prominent benefit of paid marketing is getting your desired results quickly. If you have a reasonable budget for your campaign, you can easily target your users on all social media platforms ( Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok). Targeting your potential users on all social media platforms is very convenient and helps to raise conversions rapidly.

Brand Recognition

Paid marketing is the best source to reach your targeted users with fresh content again and again. When an Ad comes in front of a user multiple times, then due to curiosity, they visit the website, and it makes them know about your brand.

Specific Targeting

This is also a significant benefit. In paid marketing on all social media platforms, you can target your audience based on location, history, interests, hobbies, etc. It helps to know about the users preferences. For example, suppose you are selling a musical instrument. In that case, you can target the audience with more likes on the pages and groups related to the music or who have recently searched for the music instrument. In short, paid marketing directly connects you with your potential customer.

Budget Friendly Campaigns

The word paid does not mean spending millions of dollars on marketing. But this is different. Many affordable campaigns and offers are available in paid marketing. You can choose according to your budget. One budget-friendly campaigns pay per click. You have to pay only when the user clicks on the link. Moreover, you can stop anytime if you are not getting your demanding results from a campaign.


So social media as marketing tool offers us both options organic marketing and paid marketing. But, if we look at the advantages of both, then paid marketing produces more results in significantly less time. So it is the best option to choose paid marketing.

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