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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for

Brand Exposure and Customer Engagement

social media marketing

Business advertisements always remain a fundamental source for a successful business. Increasing sales and brand awareness in the 20th century was a very tough job. Only businesses with a considerable amount for advertising campaigns get the audience because advertising mediums are very limited with high Ad rates, e.g., newspapers and national television. But social media marketing has made the advertisement process very easy.

There are 4.2 billion users of different social media platforms globally, and 83 percent of users search for a new product online. So, it is an obvious opportunity for a startup to become a brand using these platforms in less time.

Let’s discuss some top-rated benefits of social media marketing.

Cover Communication Gap and Leads towards Customer Engagement

Can you imagine ordering from a brand just watching their advertisement randomly. No communication, no review, no feedback? Yes, this time existed when there were no social media. People had bought the products and had no option to communicate with the brand to tell them any suggestions. But every social media platform gives customers a choice to communicate with your brand. You can comment on the brand’s Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Instagram posts. Brands have specified WhatsApp accounts, and you can message them anytime.

So we can say that digital marketing has covered the communication gap between brands and audiences.

Develop Audience based on Interests and Demographics

This is the main advantage of the digital marketing campaign that any other medium lacks. Running Ad Campaigns based on demographics and interests of people helps you to throw the Ad in front of only those who are more likely to be your targeted customer.

Developing a targeted audience based on Demographics and interests has two main benefits

  • Maximum use of your Ad budget
  • Increasing the sale rate by showing Ads to those who are more interested in buying the product

Boost your Audience with Social Media Trends and Tags

How can we skip trends and tags when talking about marketing on different social media platforms? Different trends and tags help you to boost your audience. For example, if you are running some clothing brand campaign and some specific soundtrack is trending on TikTok, you can advertise on this soundtrack. It has two benefits

  • Maximum impressions for your Ad
  • Conveying the audience that your brand is aware of trends so people start to follow you

Role of Innovative Campaigns on Social Media Platform

No doubt that digital marketing is an easy goal to reach your potential customer. But running innovative campaigns to increase your reach is a challenging task. If you get the idea once, no one can stop you from becoming a popular brand.

An example of an innovative campaign is the “Share a Coke” campaign. The company started a campaign written different names on the bottle. e.g., share a Coke with your friend and this campaign increased the sales to the sky.

Another example is the Spotify campaign. A few years back, no one knew about this app. But an innovative idea and recognizing their audience make it a popular one.

They just created a playlist of the year for their customers and shared it with them. People loved this feature and started putting these playlists as their status on Instagram and Facebook, which increased Spotify’s reach and conversions.

Resharing Option: Boosting Feature of Social Media Marketing

Making your brand viral is no longer a problem, but doing it the right way is the condition. If you win the trust of a customer, then it is not only limited to that specific person. Relatively loyal customers share your content with their friends and family.

Suppose you have delivered a quality product to a customer. He will not only buy again but will reshare your content, deals and offers on his social media platforms, which will increase your reach, and if you maintain the quality, this campaign will bring many more loyal customers to you.

Reviews Section: Blessing for Brand Exposure

If you are at a startup level, producing a quality product and maintaining enduring customer relationships, then the reviews section is a blessing for brand exposure.

Reviews from your satisfied customers help your brand exposure and awareness.

Let’s understand it by a straightforward example.

You are running a new kids’ toy store with no website or budget for advertisement. Run a page by your brand name on Facebook, deliver quality toys to a customer and ask her to review them. His positive review will uplift your brand image and will engage many other customers.

 “Boost Ads Agency”: A Partner for Social Media Marketing

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